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Bandai • October 2002 – The first of four episodic installments, Bandai's upcoming .hack ("Dot Hack") places you in control of a gamer who's playing a massively multiplayer online RPG called "The World." When things go wrong in this virtual world, it's up to the player's character, Kite, to save the joint by messing with the "World's" source code. Helping our digital hero combat the corrupt-code critters are a phalanx of diverse characters and allies, and a deep customization system. Included with each episode of this bizarre but unique RPG is a DVD of .hack animation (about a half hour long), which should help flesh out the storyline (the anime will not be sold separately). Plans for a .hack TV show and comic book give an indication of how ambitions Bandai is regarding this franchise.


The article includes 4 screenshots from the games. The party members' profile art matches prototype sketches made by Sadamoto, Yoshiyuki, rather than the finalized icons used in the released games.

Description of the included screenshots:

  • Kite, Sanjuro, and Balmung in a dungeon, fighting monsters. A fire tornado engulfs the monsters.
  • Kite, alone in Dun Loreiag.
  • Kite, Mia, and BlackRose in an ice field.
  • Cutscene showing a closeup of Kite's face.